Thursday, August 9, 2007

Geez, it's hot!

Hey Everyone,

This morning I took my Chemistry final exam so summer school is officially over! This is a big relief because now I don't have to worry about it in the fall and can concentrate on training for the WMRT and cross country season.

My training has been going well; this will be my fourth week back running after taking almost four months off with a stress fracture in the third metatarsal of my foot. I cross-trained like crazy maxing 162 miles a week on my bike, but I could only handle 50 minutes on the arm-bike each day. Even for making it to 50 minutes my coach said I should have a mental evaluation because that thing is as fun as getting teeth pulled. I will hit close to 60 miles this week, mid 60's next week, and if all is well, I should be around 70 miles a week by mid-September. It has been extremely hot and humid in Morgantown with the heat index at 101. Today it felt like I was running with a plastic bag over my head. But I'm not complaining...I'm just glad to be outside training.

Like all of you, I was thrilled to receieve all of my gear in the mail. It was like Christmas in August! I wore my uniform to bed the night I got it and haven't taken it off since. I figure I'll have to sometime next week to wash it. A big thank you to our sponsors!

I'm off to get an early start on my weekend.


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