Saturday, September 1, 2007

Long time no blog

Hello all. I hope that everyones training for worlds is going great. My training has been going pretty good. Its been so nice training with people every day and so many people that are so much better than me. The CUXC team went to Grand Lake for 3 days for school started for a camp and that was a lot of fun. We would do runs around 9000ft so its definately getting me prepared for Worlds. Today we had our annual time trial at the Buffalo Ranch. I ended up 13th overall and 9th on the team. I ran 27:15 for 8k and ran my last mile in 4:48 even though its the easiest mile haha. We had a couple of our top runners that were injured that didnt run today but the team did awesome. I also had no clue that Kathryn was going to CU until yesterday. She also ran today and ran awesome. I am very excited for worlds its goingn to be an awesome time. Good luck to everyone with their training and flights over to suisse.


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