Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Back For Round 2!

Hey everyone, this is Kathryn. I just have to tell you that I'm extremely excited to run in Switzerland next month! Time is flying by and before we know it we'll all be really close friends. I went to New Zealand with the team two years ago and made so many friends from around the world that i still talk to regularly. Those of you who have not gone will absolutely love it, i'm pumped! The only bad thing is the long flight but with all the excitement, it goes by pretty fast. The mountain in NZ was quite possibly the steepest thing i've ever seen, and then we had to run up it...well, with some walking, let's be honest :) It was intimidating but in the end it was the funnest race i've ever competed in-just to think you're competing with the best from around the world! I've been training for the event with some intense hill workouts and long runs to build up my endurance. I take my Yorkipoo, Chip, with me on long runs he's only 5lbs but can outrun me, he's a soldier lol. Good luck with your training everyone, and can't wait to meet you all.
The top pic is of mt. victoria and the bottom one is the junior team at the base of the mt.

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