Sunday, August 2, 2009

2009 Teva U.S. Mountain Running Team Announced Today

From Nancy Hobbs:

Photo: Matt Byrne and Nancy Hobbs at the 2008 World Mountain Running Trophy.

Colorado Springs, CO --- The Teva U.S. Mountain Running Team will compete in the 25th World Mountain Running Championships in Campodolcino, Italy on September 6, 2009. Campodolcino is located in the province of Sondrio in the Lombardy region located approximately 100 kilometers north of Milan. This year’s team includes the following athletes: (*Ages are listed at time of World Championships)

Senior Men: Joseph Gray, 25, Lakewood, WA; Zac Freudenberg, 31, St. Louis, MO; Matt Byrne, 34, Scranton, PA; Tim Parr, 27, Gunnison, CO, Andrew Benford, 22, Ravenswood, VA, and Rickey Gates, 28, Boulder, CO.

Senior Women: Christine Lundy, 39, Sausalito, CA, Megan Kimmel, 29, Silverton, CO, Megan Lund, 25, Basalt, CO, and Brandy Erholtz, 32, Bailey, CO.

Junior Men: Tim Smith, 19, Roanoke, VA; Brandon Lord, 17, Hixson, TN; Dan Nafziger, 18, Harrisonburg, VA; Brian Rooney, 19, Arlington, VA

Junior Women: Megan Morgan, 17, Del Mar, CA; Alex Dent, 16, Scott Depot, WV; and Robyn Arnold, 16, Redlands, CA.

This year’s races are held on an up/down loop course (as opposed to even-numbered years when the events are held on uphill-only courses) with the senior men running approximately 13.02 km, the senior women and junior men running a distance slightly over 8.68 km, while the junior women run approximately 4.34 km.

The women’s team includes four athletes with the top three finishers scoring for the team. Six athletes will represent the men’s team with the top four finishers scoring. The junior men’s team includes four athletes with the top three scoring while the junior women’s team is comprised of three athletes with the top two scoring. Team manager Nancy Hobbs, Colorado Springs, CO, team leader Richard Bolt, Portland, Oregon, team manager for the juniors Dave Dunham, Bradford, MA, and women’s team manager Ellen Miller, Vail, CO will accompany the team to Italy.

At the USATF annual convention in Reno, NV, on December 6, the Mountain Ultra Trail Running (MUT) Council chose two races from which automatic qualifiers to the U.S. team will be selected. The USA Mountain Running Championships were hosted at Mt. Cranmore (11km) on June 28 in North Conway, NH. The top three U.S. men – Gray, Freudenberg, and Byrne – and the top U.S. woman finisher – Lundy – earned automatic berths on the team.

The Cheyenne Canon Mountain Race in Colorado Springs, CO, was the site of the second and final selection race on July 26 (approximately 8km for women and juniors and 12km for men) where the top two U.S. men – Parr and Benford – and the top two U.S. women – Kimmel and Lund – earned automatic berths.

After the final selection race, the remaining members of the senior squad, (one male - Gates, one female - Erholtz), were chosen by the Mountain Ultra Trail Council with input from the team staff based on results at the selection races, past World Trophy events, national and international racing experience including mountain, road, cross country, and track.

The junior team members were selected based on their running resumes and required a letter of support from a coach, parent, or mentor. Junior athletes must be at least 16 and not yet 20 in the year of competition.

Bios on the aforementioned athletes and photos will be distributed later this week.


Pat Miller said...

Know decisions are tough....but Laura should go.....She never disappoints in the big races and she would peak for Italy. Bite the bullet and take her as an alternate or leave a coach home and take a massage therapist. Hope age wasn't a factor in your final decision and when it comes to disecting a course, Laura is one of the best. You should have her along just for that matter alone.Dollars may be tough but one more sponsor could cover the costs.

Pat Miller said...
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Nano said...

Hi Pat, thanks for your post. It is always a difficult decision when such great athletes are in the mix for a spot on the team. The countries are permitted max 4 women; 6 men; 4 junior men; 3 junior women. This is not an issue about "coach" not going and "filling the spot with an athlete." There is not another spot. It isn't about funding. Hope this helps explain.

Pat Miller said...

Understand and appreciate the response. No anger in any way toward the committee and athletes who are going. It's obvious that if Laura goes second, it's a mute point. Of course what goes into the decision of which 4 go when you really only get to look at 2 races makes things tougher. Women take 4, men take 6.
(I hope that changes in time) Seems unfair but, I suppose you get into the same situation with the 6th/7th male in having to make tough decisions. Hope the future of the sport looks at this as it grows and it would make sense to have an alternate when the event is still a month away with the possibility of injury and illness. (heaven forbid.)The sport is gaining interest, here in southern Ohio (Trail series-6 races at different courses) and will continue to do so. Hope that you are continuing to look at ways to improve the qualification process such as a point system or x number of qualifying races other than just two. ( Maybe you do.) Thanks for all that you, your committee and athletes do for the sport. Keep your enthusiasm and best of luck to you and the team in Italy.
Laura is a great ambassador for your sport. There is next year.

Zamankhan said...

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Joseph Perry said...

"Bios on the aforementioned athletes and photos will be distributed later this week."

Are they coming soon?

Nano said...

Photos and bios will be up this week. Awaiting a few images from athletes. Sorry for delay.

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