Thursday, May 28, 2009

Women's Coach Ellen Miller Reaches Lhotse Summit

Here is a note from Ellen Miller who is the women's coach for the Teva US Mountain Running Team.  Note her shout out to Russell Brice who was featured in the Discovery Channel's "Everest: Beyond the Limit".

Namaste from the Nepal Himalayas,
One does not reach the summit of one of the world's highest mountains without much encouragement and support from friends. I thank each one of you for keeping me in your thoughts and prayers, for the rituals, and for sending me your precious energy.
It was joyous for me to once again be climbing on Everest (up to Camp 3), and even more wonderful for me to have had the honor of climbing with Nima Tshering Sherpa for 5 days. 
I dedicated my climb to the memory of two of my climbing friends, Pemba Doma Sherpani and Christine Boskoff. Christine was the only other American female to have climbed Lhotse.
Thank you all very much for your messages. To answer your questions about the details:
Lhotse  (world's 4th highest mountain)
Summit reached, May 22 8:05 AM
climbed w/ Nima Tshering Sherpa 
Lhotse is 1000 ft. lower than Everest, but the summit day couloir climbing is more technical
I am indebted to Russell Brice for his superb logisitcs, and to Nima Tshering for leading the climb. Many thanks to George, Blondie and Larry for the communications and for the support, when I really needed it!
High Mountains of Gratitude to all of you!
Peace and Love,
Namche Bazaar 

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