Thursday, April 9, 2009

Canadian Mountain Running Team News

From the Canadian Mountain Running Team website...

Hello Mountain Runners! This year's national team selection will take place on Saturday June 13th at the Canadian Mountain Running Championships at the Canmore Nordic Centre. More race details coming soon. There will be prize money available for the top athletes who commit to the national team. You must be a member of your provincial Athletics Canada branch (OTFA, BC Athletics, etc) AND of the CTMRA to participate. We're working on the membership program and it will be available soon.

This is how team selection will work: The top three men and three women available from the Canadian championships will be selected to represent Canada at the 2009 NACAC Mountain Running Championships, in New Hampshire, on Sunday June 28th. This team will travel to Montreal on Friday June 26th and return on Monday June 29th. The team will drive down to NH together. Accommodation is provided by our American hosts. Prize money will help partially fund your flights to Montreal. These team members are also selected for the 1st IAAF World Mountain Running Championship, to be held in Italy on September 6th (details to follow). Two additional men will be selected from the Canadian championships at the Canmore Nordic Centre to be part of this team. A sixth man and a fourth woman will be selected "at-large" based on trail and road race results following the NACAC championships. Priority will be given to those who race the Canadian championships and/or the NACAC championships. The NACAC championships are held in conjunction with an open race.

All Canadians who plan to try to qualify for the World Championships should consider running. Race details are here: (Note that the NACAC race is at Mt. Cranmore, which sounds like Canmore, but it is not the same place so don't get confused!) If you have any questions, please email me:

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