Monday, February 9, 2009

WMRA President Danny Hughes Dies

According to Danny's wife Norma:

"Danny died suddenly this morning of a heart attack.  It is the way he would have wanted to go but of course a big shock to us all.  I have all the family here so am very lucky.  We will let you know the funeral arrangements etc. later.   Perhaps you could let everyone know the news.
Best wishes,

Danny was the President of the World Mountain Running Association and worked tirelessly to promote the sport.  This past September after over a decade of trying, Danny finally succeded in getting the IAAF to recognize the World Mountain Running Trophy as an official "World Championship".  

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Nano said...

To say that the worldwide mountain running community is deeply saddened by this loss is an understatement. Danny has give so much of his time and energy to our sport which he loved so much. I was typically in communication with Danny at least weekly, oft times daily. I was fortunate to share many dinners, runs on several different contintents, heart-to-heart talks, and most importantly a passion for our sport. When I last saw Danny just a few weeks ago at our WMRA meetings in Monaco, he was vibrant, energetic, and full of smiles. I shared my last run with Danny on Saturday, January 17 along the coast -- an out-and-back 3 miler. I will never forget this and the many other special moments I shared with Danny over the past 15 years. My thoughts are with Danny's wife Norma, his children, his grandchildren, and his family in mountain running.