Monday, September 1, 2008


Well so far Kitbuehel has been amazing. The food is great, there are meat shops everywhere and a wide selection of shops around town. I got a chance to run the course a few days ago so I knew it would be a tough one. The bad thing about the run up was I had to come back down because I had missed the last gondola so that totally wiped out the legs, but I guess it happens to every mountain runner at some time or another. So the race, it went as expected, Wyatt took it out and two other guys and I went with him, but as we started to climb steep they fell back quickly. I tried to stay with Wyatt as I really would have run by myself had I not and ended up crashin and burnin hahaha yeah I died pretty bad. But I never expected really to beat him by going out with him but I just didnt expect him to run so damn fast in the hot conditions. It was warm the entire race even at the top. The prize giving ceremony lasted about 3 hours so that was super fun, not. Wyatt and I took about a million pics and Im sure his hand was pretty tired because he must have signed every bib number in the building. Overall, the race was good prep for worlds, but the weather and the run up and down the mountain maybe hurt me a bit as far as time goes. UP next a little traveling around euro before headin to crans.

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