Thursday, September 11, 2008

Greetings From Switzerland

Received this in email from Team Manager Nancy Hobbs...

I have arrived in Sierre, the start point for Sunday`"s 24th annual World Mountain Trophy Race. The weather here is lovely. No wind the past two days, sunny skies and a bit humid. I took a great run this morning near the Rhone as we are in the Rhone Valley. To get to the river, I had to run about 15 minutes from my hotel. I ran on some trails once I got to the river and passed between some vineyards which are all over the valley, and also an apple orchard. I saw two other people on the trail walking their dogs. The entire run I could hear the river rushing downstream with sediment from the upper glaciers. When I took a drive with the race director yesterday we went to Crans Montana -- these are actually two small villages that abut one another and is also the location of the finish line for the races on Sunday. Our athletes^- The Teva US Mountain Running Team members -- are all staying in Montana just moments from the funicular which is the best way from sierre to get up the mountain -- unless you are running?? There are also buses that go up the mountain roads -- all paved with views that are outstanding. In fact, on a clear day one can see 100 kilometer view of 40000 meter peaks including Mont Blanc. there are two golf courses - that i saw - in Crans. a large golf tourney was just held last week. The village that is hosting the race (finish line) is about 4,5000 residents. in Winter that number grows to 45,000. Big skiing area for sure.

The weather on Sunday may be cooler which would be appreciated by the athletes. Several of our team members have arrived with the rest arriving today. We will have our first team meeting tonight after dinner in Crans Montana. Two of our staff were delayed with flights yesterday. Ellen Miller arrived 12 hours later than expected and Dave Dunham was rescheduled for a departure on Wed to arrive today.
More updates as we move through the week.

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