Sunday, August 17, 2008

Teva U.S. Team in Norway!

Well Rickey and I finally met up in Norway for the race this past weekend. The hotel was amazing the spa, the food, the scenery, wow! The race, I only I have one word to say about it, brutal. Rocky, muddy, and a relentless climb that never seemed to end. The race had some big time climbers in it including Rickey, Jon Wyatt, Jon Tvedt and another Norwegian climber Ouestein Sylta I think is how you spell it. From the gun Wyatt took it out, as the course was a bit cleaner and not so rocky at the bottom. A pack of Rickey, Tvedt, two other Norwegians, and I ran together for a bit then Tvedt made a move and I followed him. It was a good idea but once we got to the rocks I experienced first hand how great the guy is on rugged courses. He and I were a few minutes behind Wyatt at the begginning of the rocks I would say and Tvedt actually caught and passed Wyatt before making it out of the rocky area. Of course, Wyatt with the better speed passed him once the course got a bit smoother near the peak to miss the record by just a few seconds and also missing the chance at a huge bonus check. I ended up fourth right behind Sylta as I fell quite a bit behind him and Tvedt during the rocks, thanks to my poor choice for racing shoes that day. Rickey had a strong finish to pass a few guys and finish up just behind me for fourth. The great part about the race was we got the pleasure to walk all the way down a 20 plus percent grade for a few hours, great huh. After that walk I really started to appreciate the fact that at Mt. Washington we at least get a lift down. But, it was nice, took a few nice pics. Well we are off to Italy now, and hopefully meeting up with Simon. Hopefully the USA team can win the challenge next weekend! Until next time.........

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