Friday, August 8, 2008

Bodoe, Norway

Greeting from Bodoe, Norway. This is the first of my stops in Europe. So far so good. Fish is pretty popular up here so I have had a fair share of the great assortments of sea food in Norway and also cheeses. The cheeses here are pretty amazing, I could easily gain like 30 pounds here if I was not a runner. However, that would be expensive. Norway is very very expensive I have come to find out. The American dollar is about 5 Norwegian kroner. You would think that bringing US dollars to Norway would offer you some sort of benefit, but oh no. The prices for many products are almost twice the price here in Norway as they would cost in America. For examply, a gatorade, a small one at that like 14 oz is about 18 kroner. Do the math, that would be over 3 bucks for a small swig of gatorade. In America this same bottle would cost maybe 1.50. Training has been pretty good and looking forward to running a very tough race in Loen, Norway where I will meet up with US team member Rickey Gates who is also traveling around Europe, except he is on a bike, braver than I must say lol. Bodoe has some pretty good trails for running and mountains surrounding the landscape at almost every degree you turn your head. The Ocean is pretty close and many small Islands can be seen right off the coast. Well thats it for now, after the Skaala race, off to Italy for me!

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Paul Kirsch said...

Good luck at the race, Joe. And say "hi" to Rickey for us. You'll have to ask him about his photo shoot in Outside Magazine that just came out this week. Mountain Runner as fashion statement!