Thursday, September 6, 2007

Flagstaff Mountain

Today I ran from Balch Fieldhouse to the top of Flagstaff Mountain. Sort of a last tune up workout before hand. The rest of the team went up to 8500 feet and went for a medium distance run on the Switzerland Trail. I felt really good going up Flagstaff. A couple of spots I kind of got lost and at the top I wasnt sure if it was the very top but I am pretty sure that it was. I ended up running from the trailhead to the top of Flagstaff in 18:36. I came down 3 minutes slower because I took a wrong turn. The whole run ended up being around 75 minutes. I really wanted to keep my breathing the same the whole way up because I usually have the problem of going too hard at the bottom of the hill and dieing towards the top (did that in NZ). I really got it down now. So I accomplished what I wanted to do today on the run. I am very excited for the race. I leave for Switzerland in exactly 1 week. It will be a fun trip.


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