Thursday, August 2, 2007

World mountain trophy Ovronnaz -

Hi everyone,

My name is Alex and i am 17 .I am looking forward to participate to the World moutain running trophy on the 14-15 in Ovronnaz. It Looks like we have a really good Junior men's team this year, hope to do well on this race ! l live in Grimentz ,in a little moutain village in Switzerland, Ovronnaz is only 50 min by car from my village ,so i can train a lot on the race . Also in 2008 the World trophy will be held in Sierre on an up-hill race.

The race in Ovronnaz will be tough , steep up-hills and down hills , two laps for the Junior men's . I expect to not go to fast on the first lap and go much faster on the second. Now ,i am actually preparing for a race on Sunday, 16 km in Thyon. Hope to do well.

Keep you posted,

Alex Jodidio

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