Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Finally figured it out


It's Louis, Rachael's dad. I work with computers, servers, and networks all day long but it took me a while to figure out how to post on this blog. I guess I'm not as smart as I look!

You have to sign in with the username and password that was on the email from Saturday, August 4th. Obviously I can't show it on this post because then it would be open to everyone in the world including malicious malcontents. However, if you already deleted the email or can't find it just email me and I'll send it to you. You'll find my email address in the spreadsheet.

I'm really interested in what everyone is doing before and during the world meet in Ovronnaz. So post whatever you can and include a favorite picture. (This is not my "favorite" picture, it was just handy)

Regards to all.


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